When is the Best Time for Charleston Weddings?

When it comes to planning a wedding, the weather can play a big role in how smoothly your day goes… and not just because we don’t want a bad hair day! Even if your wedding will be indoors, having nice weather will be important for outdoor photos and for any guests traveling to your venue. If you’re up to your eyeballs in research trying to find the best time for Charleston weddings, here is what you need to know.

The Best Seasons for Charleston Weddings:

Just as Christmas is “ring season” where everyone seems to be getting engaged, there’s a time you may find yourself buying extra dresses for all of the weddings you’re going to (and for good reason)! The best time for Charleston weddings is Spring and Fall. With mild winters and warm summers, the weather is why so many people love the area! On average, Charleston sees sunlight 230 days out of 365, which makes it the perfect city full of beautiful wedding venues. No matter the style of wedding you’re going for, the warm, sunny days and crisp nights will make for a knock-out wedding day and reception! 

If you’re searching for the perfect time for your local Charleston wedding photographer to capture the precious moments of your big day in the best lighting, there are popular wedding seasons that are more specific than Spring and Fall. Here are the most popular times for Charleston weddings:

March to Early June

During these months, Charleston sees some cooler days, but there is still sun shining. The average temperatures range from 78-82 degrees, which makes for ideal wedding day weather.  This weather will leave you feeling comfortable, so you and your guests won’t be sweating through your formal dresses, but you won’t be cold enough to where you need a heavy jacket. This is one of my favorite times to photograph weddings since the sun is still out, but it isn’t beating down! Hello skin glow!

September to October

With the temperatures averaging 58-76-degrees, the autumn season is one of the best times to have a Charleston wedding. The days are filled with bright sunshine and clear skies, and the evenings are what I consider to be perfect crisp fall nights. Who isn’t looking for the perfect romantic first dance under the stars? This is another great time to get married since the weather is on the cooler side, and you can choose to have an indoor or outdoor wedding since the weather is warm during the day, and cooler at night.

When Is the Best Time to Book Your Charleston Wedding?

In the end, Spring and Fall will give you similar outcomes as far as your wedding photography goes. If you’re looking for bright, sunny days, then the local area in the spring will have your heart. If you’re looking for a romantic outdoor wedding and reception on a crisp night, then fall will be your go-to. While these are the most popular wedding times in the area, Charleston is a great place to have your wedding at any time of year! The mild weather and local culture will add to the feeling of your special day.

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