What to Wear to a Photoshoot

So you’ve scheduled your photoshoot… whether it’s a family shoot, couple’s shoot, or you even might be going for some good old glamor shots 🙂 Your next question is “what to wear to a photoshoot?” 

Before the Photoshoot: 

I get asked this ALL the time. I love this question. Of course guys are easy. I get it! Us girls – well we pull out all the stops. To make it easy on you, here is what I recommend to prepare before your shoot

  • Book hair and make-up (optional, but it makes it fun!) 
  • Book a mani-pedi: make it a fun girl’s day and then go to a fun dinner
  • Have those ADORABLE shoes… but bring a pair of flats if you wish to walk from location to location 
  • PROPS! I love props. This can include: 
    • Rose petals (don’t worry, I will totally ask a stranger to help and they will love taking part of your session!) 
    • Champagne
    • A bouquet of flowers
    • A hat 

What to Wear to the Photoshoot: 

I’m going to be real: I’m not a fan of blue jeans and most of my clients know this. The reason why is you can get iPhone photos in jeans any day, but how often do you have a fun excuse to dress up to the nines and capture photos that last a lifetime?! 

I always say that you are paying for professional photos. It should be an EXPERIENCE! Make a fun day out of it and have a date day/evening. Go ahead and make those dinner reservations since you’re already dressed up! 

I also tell clients that the more dressed up you are, the better you feel about yourself. Confidence truly carries when on camera! I know for myself that I carry myself in a different way when I feel pretty. 

I know… it sounds silly. Trust me, you will thank me! 

Now as some general recommendations for what to wear, it’s hard to say. This depends on your backdrop, lighting, and more. I usually tell people this: 

  • Something you feel comfortable and confident in
  • When in doubt, simple patterns and colors do well with busy backgrounds
  • Matching color schemes always look good! 

Where to Find Clothes for the Photoshoot: 

I sometimes have clients ask where some good places are to get clothes for their photoshoot. Here is a list of places a lot of my clients go to… and then send me the links because I am OBSESSED with their outfits 🙂

  • Rent the Runway
  • House of Sage
  • Two Cumberland
  • Copper Penny
  • Paisley
  • Lilly Pulitzer
  • Anthropologie 

I wanted to share this list for anyone who has the same kind of bougie taste in clothes that I do (LOL). If you’re wanting more specific tips on what to wear, don’t worry. I send a style guide to each client to give you inspiration based on where we go and what season we’re in! 

BONUS TIP: Ladies, if you’re comfortable sitting on the ground, I recommend longer dresses. The itch is real! 

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