How to Choose the BEST Bridal Party Gifts

After you hear the words “will you marry me,” you’ll find yourself popping a question too… “Will you be my bridesmaid?” At this time, you may be trying to think of the best bridal party gifts to kick off this celebration.

Now a days, us millennials have created ALL the ways to make the most out of every milestone of weddings and wedding planning (because if you’re only doing it once, you might as well live it up, right?!) 

Typically, brides will send out “will you be my bridesmaid boxes” and then go through the process of dress fitting and planning before the big day. On the wedding day, brides will often send out “thank you” boxes with something fun to have throughout the day. 

If you’re wondering how to choose the BEST bridal party gifts, I’m here to give you a few ideas. Of course you want to spoil your ladies who have stood by your side throughout life, and now they’re going to stand by you as you say your vows. You need something pretty awesome, right?! 

Let’s break this down into two sections. First, I’ll give you some ideas for your “will you be my bridesmaid” boxes, and then I’ll give you some ideas for wedding day gifts. For either idea, you can head over to Amazon and get some super cute cardboard boxes that say “will you…” on it for a pretty reasonable price. Happy shopping! 

“Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Box Ideas

  • A pair of earrings – typically these are ones that you would like for them to wear on the day of
  • Nail gift card to go get nails done for the bachelorette party
  • An album of memories of you both over the years of your friendship. This can be time consuming, but I think it’s so fun to relive your friendship and trust me, they will love this. Bring on the tears and belly laughs! I think this is also a super personable gift ☺
  • A personalized letter and why this person means so much to you to play such an important part of your day
  • Something around your bachelorette party…going to the beach? You can get some really nice beach bags or towels at a reasonable price

Day of Wedding Gift Ideas

  • A monogrammed glass to go with champagne / mimosas
  • If it’s going to be cold – hot warmers
  • If it is going to be warm- mini fans (If you are in Charleston, ya all know how brutal our summers can get with the heat and humidity) ☺
  • Robes or pajamas – I encourage having these steamed to the camera doesn’t pick up the wrinkles ☺ (a loving tip from a professional photographer!)
  • Lipstick
  • There are some super cute jewelry travel cases that you can get off of Etsy and have their initials monogrammed (cueing all the future girl’s trips!)

Finding the Perfect Bridal Party Gifts for YOUR Gals!

While this is just a list of ideas of the most common bridal party gifts, it’s important to consider the lovely ladies in your party. After all, you know them best! Be sure to consider their personalities, likes, and dislikes before you send your boxes. I’ve found the more personalized the box, the more the bridal party loves it! (Cue the waterworks and hugs) 🙂 I hope you found this list helpful! 

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