3 Tips for Taking Great Family Photos in Charleston, South Carolina

Are you someone who is camera shy or hates getting your picture taken? I know, I know… not everyone loves being in front of the camera. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible! Whether it’s time to get those Christmas card pictures or you just want to document those sweet babies growing up, I’m here to help when it comes to taking family photos in Charleston. I am sharing 3 tips for taking great family photos with you. After you get done with this article, you’ll be ready to step in front of the camera and SPARKLE, baby, SPARKLE! 

In all seriousness, if you’re in the Charleston area, you’ve got several options for places to take your family photos. There are so many places to go, especially with the town’s charm and beauty! With the backdrops available, they’ll only add to your photos. 

As a professional photographer, I have worked with several families over the years. I’ve discovered a few different things that make your pictures just a little bit better. 

Here are my top 3 tips for getting great family photos, especially if you live in the Charleston, SC area… P.S. in front of my camera, you’ll feel at home. I want each person to act like I’m just a friend 🙂

3 tips for taking great family photos in Charleston, SC:

1. Choose the right location for family photos in Charleston

When it comes to getting great family photos, the location you choose is the most important thing. You want to choose different backdrops that compliment you and your family. These places should speak to your interests and personalities (I know that sounds weird, but I promise it’s a thing). I always recommend choosing multiple different places for your photos so you have a variety of options – I always recommend families go to Rainbow Row, visit some of the historic buildings in Charleston, or any of the beautiful beaches! 

2. Plan out your outfits

Another majorly important thing you’ll want to do to get great family photos is to plan and coordinate everyone’s outfits beforehand. Once you have an idea of where you’ll be taking your photos, you can plan out your outfits. 

If you plan to hit Rainbow Row first, you may want to go with bright and simple outfits. If you’re heading to the beach after, you may want to wear a fun flowy dress and beachy vibe outfits. 

Another tip is either matching with your family or wearing similar colors – this will make your pictures more professional! I send a style guide to give you all the outfit inspiration and tips!

3. Be yourselves

The biggest piece of advice I can offer you to get great family photos is to just be yourself! The camera can tell when you’re nervous or uncomfortable, so just be yourself and act like the camera isn’t even there. If your son has a goofy personality, let him show it! If your daughter is sweet and gentle, then let her show it. The more you act naturally as you would at home, the better these family photos turn out. I promise I will make you love being in front of the camera by the end of our shoot! 

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