A Gorgeous Sunset Wedding at Bay Club Mattapoisett in MA!

Steve and Laura Lake are finally married!! Boston, Massachusetts, you were fun. Mattapoisett, you were even more fun! Fortunately for me, I flew to Boston a few days early and had the opportunity to explore this incredible city. I had never been and quickly fell in love with the skyscrapers, the hustle-and-bustle, and especially the twinkling skyline lit up at night. It was a perfect way to prepare for a fantastic wedding day at Bay Club Mattapoisett.

Steve and Laura’s Bay Club Mattapoisett Wedding!

After a day and a half spent in Boston, it was time to head to Mattapoisett, where Laura grew up and the couple first met. They invited me to their rehearsal dinner, and it was so lovely to meet their families, friends, and loved ones near and dear to them. It was also fascinating to see where they met!! Time for the big day at Bay Club Mattapoisett!

The big day at Bay Club Mattapoisett was everything Steve and Laura had envisioned. Laura was all smiles all day long. Additionally, her getting ready spot was at a beautiful home on the water, and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. She rolled up to the ceremony in a car that her great great grandfather built in 1908! It was the first rear engine ever made. How cool is that!? This also happened to be something old. Her something borrowed was her grandmother’s diamond tennis bracelet and her grandmother and grandfathers cake cutter. See below. It was so neat!! Above all, this wedding had perfect weather, a beautiful venue and the couple was happier than ever!

Back to The Beginning of Their Story

The story of this beautiful Bay Club Mattapoisett couple began in 2012 when Laura was going into her junior year of high school. At the time, she was nannying for a family who took tennis lessons from Steve at the Mattapoisett Casino. (Which, by the way, is NOT an actual casino, lol). When Laura saw Steve for the first time, she was HOOKED. For her, it was truly love at first sight. However, Steve had a girlfriend back home in North Carolina. They would chat here and there and find any excuse to just hang out at the club throughout the summer. Eventually, summer would end, and Steve would have to go home. 

Summer Lovin’

The following year, she was offered a job at the Casino. Come to find out, Steve’s dad knew something was up, so he helped Laura. But she wouldn’t find that out for years to come, haha. Nonetheless, she was so excited to see Steve again! When he finally got into town, she found no excuse to go to work. She would pick up every shift just to be near him. One rainy day, Steve came by the club while she was working to “string racquets.” Of course, they ended up sitting on the porch listening to the rain for hours and talking. Afterward, they exchanged numbers, and from that point forward, they hung out almost every night.

Eventually, Steve left to return home, and Laura finished her senior year of high school. Without much communication throughout the year. When Steve returned the following summer, they decided to try long distance and give it a go. And they did so for 3 years before moving in together in Charleston, South Carolina. This is where their Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding dreams began. 

The Proposal

Long before their special day at Bay Club Mattapoisett, Steve had one more serve to deliver. In May of 2021, Laura’s family came down to SC for her 25th birthday. They made reservations at a restaurant called Nico for her birthday dinner, or so she thought. It turns out they never recorded the reservation and were without a place to eat. After finally reserving a reservation at a different restaurant, everyone was still a little agitated. To make it up to them, they headed to Shem to take a family photo that mom had been begging for all week.

As they walked down the boardwalk, Steve was walking extra quickly, and everyone barely kept up. Laura saw a dog and obviously had to say hello for a minute, with Steve trying to hurry her along until she looked at him and said, “can you slow down? I’m in heels, and it’s hot out.” Steve had a spot picked out, but the tide was too high for the island he had picked. So they found another one.

Steve was visibly nervous this evening and asked to take a picture with just Laura first. Once she put her hand on his back, she noticed how sweaty he was. He looked at her and said, “Hey.” Immediately, Laura knew what was happening. She turned to him and said, “Are you really doing this right now?”. In hindsight, probably not the best thing to say at that moment. He lost all of the words he had been planning to say and just got down on one knee to ask her the crucial question. Immediately after saying “YES!”, she said, “are you sure?!?!” to which he responded, “Yeah, pretty sure.” Lol. The rest is history for this Bay Club Mattapoisett couple!

The After-Party

They ended up back at Tavern & Table for a quick drink with a couple of her best friends. Not long after, the whole crew headed to the Wreck, where they had a huge table waiting with champagne. It was the perfect ending to the best birthday ever, and she got to spend it with everyone she loved. It wouldn’t be long before they would tie the knot at Bay Club Mattapoisett a little outside of Boston at their beautiful wedding!

Bay Club Mattapoisett

Laura and Steve, Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day at Bay Club Mattapoisett! I wish you all the happiness!!
bride and groom with Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding photographer Nicole Fehr

bride and bridesmaids laughing in a mirror Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding mom helping bride put on a bracelet at Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding bride and mom smiling in a mirror Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding bridesmaids in lavender surrounding a bride Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding

Groom with groomsmen standing in a line behind him Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding bride and groom driving away in an old car with their arms in the air at their Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding bride and groom smiling at the camera in greenery Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding bride and groom holding hands and laughing while walking through a field at their Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding groom smiling at the camera in a navy suit during his Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding bride and groom embracing at their Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding bride and groom dancing in a field at their Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding

seating chart at a Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding bride and groom dancing to their song at their Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding

Thank you to all of the wonderful vendors who helped make this Bay Club Mattapoisett wedding day possible!

Venue: Bay Club Mattapoisett

Planner: Kelly Richard 

Entertainment: South Coast Entertainment MA

Florals: Garlington Florist 

Hair & Makeup: Nautical Knots Salon

Bridal Dress Designer and Place of Purchase: Miss Stella York from Gown Boutique of Charleston

Bridal Shoes: Kelly & Katie

Jewelry: her grandmother’s

Groom’s Suit: Joseph Abou

Bridesmaids Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu

Groomsmen Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Cake: Amazing Cakes

Invitations: Truly Engaging by Magnet Street Weddings


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