Things to Do in Maine From a Destination Wedding Photographer

Now that Covid restrictions are lifting more and more, I have been able to travel more and more, which is my favorite as a destination wedding photographer! So, I was thinking, why not start blogging about my travels and give you all an insight on some AH-MAZING places to travel too?!  One of my favorite trips recently was with my best friend, my Mom. We haven’t gone on a trip together since we went to Cabo a few years ago! My mom and I have an interesting relationship, she drives me bonkers, but we have so much fun together. So, you can imagine our travels. We have tons of fun, and our relationship comes with lots of pranks. For this trip, we had a fantastic time checking out all the fun things to do in Maine!

Dress for the Weather

As many of you know, I never seem to dress according to the weather. So, what can I say? I dress to look good. I am always convinced the weather app is lying, and I can dress how I please. Why? I have no idea! This trip was no exception. I was packing warm clothes when my mother called to tell me it would be super cold…Like 40’s cold… But, I continued to fold sundresses while she told me this.

streets along the harbor things to do in maine

Things to Do in Portland, Maine

Casco Bay and Old Port

Maine is a beauty! It has been on my list for some time. I flew in a day early and picked up my mom on Sunday at the Portland airport, where the first of many jokes had started. That is how Mom and I work. We drove to Casco Bay that day and saw the famous lighthouse, then headed downtown to Old Port which is adorable. It was a rainy evening when I got the first “I told ya so” from my mom as I was in one of my sundresses, so we spent the evening back at The Sheraton Portland.

woman standing in a rain coat looking at a lighthouse for things to do in maine

Brown house with beautiful landscaping things to do in maine

Breakfast at Bayside American Cafe

We got an early start on Monday and found the BEST breakfast we had ever had at Bayside American Cafe. You have to try their cinnamon pancake. It’s the size of your face but so good, and the crab benedict, don’t get me started. Like heaven in your belly, amazing.

white house with a blue front porch and door things to do in maine

Things to Do in Bar Harbor, Maine

We spent a few days in Bar Harbor, and it was gorgeous. It’s also home to Acadia National Park. I was determined to catch Sunrise, one of my favorite things to do no matter where I travel. Mama is NOT a morning person, but it was so worth it!! By the way, if you go to Cadillac Mountain, you must get tickets in advance. I was told differently, so we didn’t get to catch sunrise there, but we did see it elsewhere in the park.

Arcadia national park things to do in maine

Things to Do in Maine

Maine was a fantastic trip overall, except next time, I will listen to the weather app! I highly recommend you visit and catch some of my favorite things to do in Maine while you’re there.

Favorite Hotels

Hotel in Portland- Sheraton

Hotel in Bar Harbor- Holiday Inn Resort Bar Harbor – Acadia

Bayside Restaurants

Bayside American Cafe 

Portland Lobster. Co

The Porthole Pub

Cheese Louise

Cheese louise artisan grilled cheese sign things to do in maine

Bar Harbor Restaurants

Bar Harbor Cheesecake Factory 

Side Street Cafe

Stewmans Lobster Pound


Portland Airport

Galyn's restaurant sign things to do in maine

National Park

Acadia National Park

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