The 3 Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Charleston, South Carolina

Are you looking for a dreamy and romantic outdoor wedding? If so, you’ll LOVE Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding area. It’s absolutely beautiful and has some of the best scenery! With nothing but gorgeous weather year-round, Charleston is an ideal location to have an outdoor wedding no matter what season you are looking to get married in!

If you are planning your special day and you’re looking for the best outdoor wedding venues in Charleston, South Carolina, I’ve got you! I created a list of the top 3 outdoor wedding venues that are known for their beauty and their views of the great outdoors. All in all, we’re talking breathtaking scenery, waterfront options, and more! Here are the 3 venues you NEED on your list if you haven’t decided yet! 

The 3 best outdoor wedding venues in Charleston, SC:

1. Legare Waring House

If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding venue in Charleston that gives you nothing but spectacular views, this is it! You know those magical fairy movies where their forests give you a feeling of euphoria? This venue is the real-life version of a magical fairy forest with all its trees and greenery, and the wedding photos you’ll get at this venue… unbeatable! Surrounding you and your guests will be surrounded by beauty at the Legare Waring House while celebrating your love. Above all, this is one of my favorite outdoor wedding venues in Charleston! 

2. Middleton Plantation 

Are you looking for lush greenery and seeking a classy vibe for your wedding? You’ll ADORE the Middleton Plantation, also known as the Middleton Place. It’s a national historic landmark that is known for one-of-a-kind weddings. With views of the Ashley River, the House Museum, and oak trees that tower over you, you just might feel like you’re walking through a dream. You can choose to have a small, intimate wedding or have everyone you know with a capacity of 400+ for the ceremony. 

3. Lowndes Grove

When it comes to outdoor weddings, I’m a sucker for a waterfront venue. Lowndes Grove is an indoor/outdoor wedding venue located on the Ashley River in Charleston. This waterfront mansion is one of the most stunning bright yellow buildings you’ll see throughout Charleston, and it makes for a fairy tale wedding! With lots of outdoor lighting and seating, this is a great outdoor wedding venue that you and your guests can enjoy. If the night gets a little chilly, simply head inside the mansion to finish off your night! 

Have You Decided on Your Outdoor Wedding Venue in Charleston? 

I promise I’m totally not a salesperson for these venues. As a professional photographer in the area, I see these venues often… and I’m here to tell you that I’m literally amazed every time I go! If you’re looking for some of the best outdoor wedding venues in Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas…. HANDS DOWN. These three are it! Be sure to check them out and add them to your list of venues to consider. I promise you won’t be disappointed! 

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